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Decarbonisation strategy and advisory


Net Zero Roadmaps

A Net Zero Roadmap or Decarbonisation Pathway are the first step in your decarbonisation journey. We understand that every client is different and therefore there is no one size that fits all.


We carefully work with you through engaging with your key stakeholders to develop a robust and actionable net zero roadmap with a prioritisation approach that fits you’re your wider business strategy. We understand it can be quite daunting to embark on this journey and we believe in breaking down this complex pathway into simple, achievable steps to make your decarbonisation aspirations a reality.


We incorporate the frameworks suggested by the Science Based Targets Initiative, the UK Green Building Council’s Net Zero Standard, PAS 2060 and other relevant standards depending on what works best for your organisation. There is no greater achievement for us than helping you achieve your decarbonisation goals. That is what Zerogram is all about


Feasibility Studies

Although COP27 failed to deliver on a commitment to phase out fossil fuels, we are know that large scale renewable deployment is key to keeping 1.5°C alive.


This often requires technology feasibility studies to be carried out to assess the viability of a large scale solar or wind farm, explore the potential of geothermal energy or application of a green hydrogen project. We provide techno-economic feasibility studies with a whole systems approach and multi-technology integration as the end goal.


We don’t believe in exploring technologies in isolation, although this is sometimes unavoidable, our intention is to always understand how a specific technology feasibility study would integrate into future plans for the site taking into account technological interdependencies as well as site development strategies.


Consultancy Set Up

Several solution providers such as facilities management, energy bureau services or M&E services companies, are now looking to integrate decarbonisation services into their core service offering.


Zerogram experts have helped several key organisations successfully set up both management and engineering style consultancy businesses to enable this integration.


We will work very closely with you to understand your enhanced service delivery aspirations as well as sectoral ambitions to help you establish the most appropriate business model that incorporates the most effective decarbonisation consultancy function.

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